NOIRE eCrime Warning Service - NeWS

NOIRE eCrime Warning Services was created with the one aim of reducing and controlling online risk.

NOIRE eCrime Warning Services (NeWS) is a real time risk management, consortium solution. The NeWS Universe is expanding every day with more customers sharing risk data in real time. NeWS will detect suspect applications for loans and credit cards. NeWS can detect if a transaction is suspicious by the data and its connections with other transactions. NeWS can even detect if an account has been hacked. NeWS comes with its own easy to use "Case Manager" providing detailed analysis and decision support processes, or can be integrated into current in house solutions.

Fraud patterns are ever changing, becoming more advanced. Working together in a real time collaborative environment, businesses can make instant decisions and reducing the cost and risk of doing business online.

  • Real time risk management solution
  • Shared in real time within the NOIRE Universe providing protection to all members
  • No impact on your customers experience
  • All NeWS members have access to the NeWS intelligence Case Manager and rules engine to provide detailed analysis and decision support
  • NeWS can also be integrated into existing case managers and rules engines
  • Simple and fast to deploy
  • 24 7 support team
  • Why NOIRE eCrime Warning Service?

  • Check online applications for Loans, Credit Cards, Online Accounts, eWallets
  • Check transactions in real time for fraud to significantly reduce charge backs and loses. 33%+ uplift detection over current processes and systems
  • Identify accounts that have been hacked even before any fraud has happened
  • 60%+ increase in operational efficiencies through improved work flow, reduced false positives and event link analysis
  • Visibility, manage and control of risk allowing business to move faster, increase revenues and have peace of mind knowing your brand is protected on line
  • NOIRE - simply switch on.

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